Yahoo! Search Protection

Yahoo! Search Protection

Yahoo search protection :- An effective software to get protected
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The Sunnyvale-based company Yahoo has just rolled out SearchScan, a technology developed with the help of McAfee, that provides protection from viruses,spyware and spam, usually delivered through malicious websites. Since some of these pages may be already indexed by Yahoo Search and returned to the user, SearchScan comes to protect you by displaying a warning every time you find such a risky website.

According to the two Yahoo officials, SearchScan protects users from browser exploits, dangerous downloads and unsolicited email, something similar to Google's malware protection provided in partnership with

Downloads may contain a virus and other undesirable software." Moreover, Yahoo displays a "Site Owner Support" link that helps website owners, who think their website was mistakenly flagged as harmful, contact the company and remove the warning.
SearchScan`s main goal is to protect users by allowing them to make a more informed decision about the websites they visit. By displaying prominent warnings next to search results for sites with potentially dangerous downloads or unsavory email practices, users are aware that while visiting the site may be safe, downloading a file or sharing an email address could be risky

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  • Protection against viruses
  • Easy to load
  • No new software required


  • Would be outdated soon
  • Not in pace with rate of new viruses coming up
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